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Opulent Properties

Investment Consulting

Elevate Your Investment Portfolio with Opulent Property Management

Opulent Property has over 10 years experience helping domestic and international investors get their foot in the real estate market. Whether it be a direct investment in your own property, or passively co-invest with our investment division. This is a unique service for investors that are too busy, lack the necessary knowledge or contacts, or live out of state, or abroad, yet would like to take part in this BOOMING market, and get a great return on their capital, generating high, monthly, residual income, without lifting a finger.

Services Offered

Personal Consultation

Begin your investment journey with a personalized consultation tailored to your goals, preferences, and budget, ensuring a strategic approach from the outset.

Tailored Property Search

Discover the perfect high-performing property that aligns with your investment goals, budget, and criteria, ensuring a lucrative investment from the start.

Full-Service Property Management

Entrust the comprehensive management of your investment to our experienced team, handling everything from guest services to maintenance, maximizing profitability and minimizing hassle.

Luxury Concierge Guest Services

Elevate the guest experience with our luxury concierge services, providing unparalleled hospitality and curating bespoke experiences that transform your property into a haven of indulgence. By ensuring each guest enjoys a memorable stay and elevating their stay to extraordinary heights, our services enhance guest satisfaction and foster loyalty.

Interior Design and Décor

Transform your property into a captivating retreat with our expert interior design and décor services, curated to enhance aesthetics and comfort, attracting discerning guests.

Property Enhancement and Maintenance

Maintain the allure of your property with our meticulous maintenance services, including landscaping, pool care, and exterior enhancements, ensuring it remains a desirable destination.

Financial Management

Streamline financial processes with our comprehensive accounting and reporting services, including rental income management, tax preparation, and expense tracking, for effortless financial oversight.

Personal Use Coordination

Enjoy your investment property at your leisure with our personalized reservation management, ensuring your preferred dates are blocked off and the property is prepared to your standards for a luxurious getaway.

Investment Exit Strategies

When the time comes to divest, rely on our expertise to navigate the process smoothly, whether through strategic sales or integration into our portfolio, maximizing returns and preserving value.

Insurance Consultation

Access expert guidance on insurance options tailored to your investment property, ensuring comprehensive coverage and peace of mind in any situation.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Stay compliant with local regulations and legal requirements with our guidance and support, ensuring a smooth and worry-free investment journey.

Continuous Support and Consultation

Benefit from our ongoing support and consultation services, guiding you through every step of your investment journey with personalized attention and expertise.