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Investor Services

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What We Offer

Opulent Property has over 10 years experience helping domestic and international investors get their foot in the real estate market. Whether it be a direct investment in your own property, or passively co-invest with our investment division. This is a unique service for investors that are too busy, lack the necessary knowledge or contacts, or live out of state, or abroad, yet would like to take part in this BOOMING market, and get a great return on their capital, generating high, monthly, residual income, without lifting a finger.

  • Find, negotiate, and purchase an investment property that we know will give you the return your looking for, given your budget and time line.
  • Update or remodel the property if needed.
  • Design, decorate and furnish the interior space.
  • Update and maintain the exterior space, lawn care, pool maintenance etc.
  • Manage your asset, under our successful property management program
  • Take care of all amenities, HOA fees, electric, cable, internet, taxes etc.
  • Prepare and file accounting and financial statements.
  • Insurance and home inspections
  • Direct deposit of monthly rental income, into your bank account.
  • When the investor wants to use the property for personal use, we will block off requested dates and have the property prepared for your arrival.
  • If the investor wants to liquidate the investment, we can also sell the property on the open market or absorb it into our own portfolio as a well performing asset. 

Services Offered

Opulent Property is a full-service property manager, that can handle EVERYTHING.

Services Offered
  • Creating a beautiful listing that catches the guest’s attention in a competitive market.
  • Advertise your property across more 400 domestic and international websites.
  • Professional HD photography
  • Handle all inquiries, quotes, bookings, payments, insurance, and deposits
  • 24/7 customer service to all your guests before, during and after their stay.
  • Optimize rates daily, based on occupancy and market competition, to make sure your property gets the highest income possible
  • Collect, report, and submit monthly state and local taxes. Vacation rental properties in Florida are taxed the same way hotels are, with 13% taxes of your rental revenue.
  • Create a system for automated check in, where guests can check in and out anytime, day or night.
  • Optionally we can personally, meet and greet all renters, do a walk through, explain the different aspects of the property etc.
  • Professional maintenance division on call 24/7 for owners and guests to handle any problems, like maintenance issues that require immediate attention
  • We own and operate a professional housekeeping company. Licensed and insured with over 30 years’ experience from the hotel and vacation rental industry. We provide the best cleaning services, before and after every guest. Including fresh bedlinen, towels, etc., for all our clients.
  • Restock all supplies through our vendors, saving our clients’ money on paper products, soap, shampoo, conditioner, trash bags, detergent, light bulbs, and anything else that you would like to provide your guest during their stay.
  • Handle any damages caused by guests with insurance claims, replacements, and repairs.

Opulent Property’s service and experience will ensure that your property gets the attention it deserves, along with maximizing your rental income. In the last years we have seen a steady increase in revenue for our properties, some exceeding $130K per year. Our record of accomplishment proves that we can achieve 50-80% higher prices than identical properties in the same location, in fact the very same building. We pay for ourselves!


Interior Design

In this competitive market, first impressions are of utmost importance. When tenants browse through hundreds of properties, you need to grab their attention. We therefore offer an interior design service, where we give the property a metaphorical facelift. This could include updating colors, furniture, art, decoration, bed lines, towels etc. This to ensure your property gets the attention it deserves, allowing us to increase rates and occupancy. Accounting & Financial We include basic accounting services for all homeowners, with monthly statements for each property. In addition to this we can also offer more extensive financial statements, ideal for investors and clients owning multiple properties.


Property Improvements

Properties will endure more wear and tear than normal properties. Our professional maintenance division will alongside be fixing minor issues due to wear and tear, also be available for more significant updates and improvements. Our maintenance division have over 30 years’ experience, with everything from small repairs to total remodeling projects, including several of our current properties. We offer to handle the whole process for our clients from design ideas, picking materials, overseeing subcontractors etc., saving the client time and money, while increasing the value of the asset.



It is very important to make sure your property is adequately insured, especially with short term rentals. Homeowners should protect themselves and their investment for any possible situation. We work with trusted, independent insurance brokers who have extensive experienced with this, and will help you find the best and most affordable coverage on the market. In addition to this each guest will purchase a mandatory property damage insurance to cover any damages to the unit during their stay. Coverage range from $1,500.00 to $10,000.00. We also offer travel insurance to all guests, in case of unforeseen circumstances. Many of the booking channels today, like AirBnb, allow guests to cancel last minute with a full refund due to unforeseen circumstances. This insurance will cover both guest and our clients for financial loss in these types of situations.



Doing frequent home inspections are important for many reasons; they can help find and prevent possibly dangerous elements in or around your property, identify and fix small issues before they can turn into bigger and more costly problems. Our team will inspect the property at least once a week and call on our network of professionals if needed.


Guest Services

We offer your guests an extensive list of services to ensure they have the best possible experience. We take great pride in the industry’s best reviews and many repeat guests, that come back year after year. The list includes rental of beach chairs, bikes and other equipment, free activities during their stay, a well-stocked fridge upon arrival, along with many more options. For a full list check our website, under guest services.


How It Works

We sit down with you, whether as an investor or property owner, to discuss your needs. Then we recommend and implement the strategy best suited to achieve desired objectives. With our extensive experience in real estate, investments and financial planning, Opulent Property Management offers you a product no other management company can deliver.

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