Investor Services

Opulent Property has over 10 years’ experience helping domestic and international investors get their foot in the real estate market. Whether it be a direct investment in your own property, or passively co-invest with our investment division.
This is a unique service for investors that are too busy, lack the necessary knowledge or contacts, or live out of state, or abroad, yet would like to take part in this BOOMING market, and get a great return on their capital, generating high, monthly, residual income, without lifting a finger.

What we offer: 

  • Find, negotiate, and purchase an investment property that we know will give you the return you’re looking for, given your budget and timeline.
  • Update or remodel the property if needed.
  • Design, decorate and furnish the interior space.
  • Update and maintain the exterior space, lawn care, pool maintenance etc.
  • Manage your asset, under our successful property management program
  • Take care of all amenities, HOA fees, electric, cable, internet, taxes etc.
  • Prepare and file accounting and financial statements.
  • Insurance and home inspections
  • Direct deposit of monthly rental income, into your bank account.
  • When the investor wants to use the property for personal use, we will block off requested dates and have the property prepared for your arrival.
  • If the investor wants to liquidate the investment, we can also sell the property on the open market or absorb it into our own portfolio as a well performing asset.